Real Estate Development

We are developing the General Atomics Europe Group locations and making them the optimal working environment for the employees of our group of companies.


General Atomics Europe GmbH and its subsidiaries own real estate at various locations in Germany that can be fully or partially leased. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss your individual needs:

Leasing of commercial space:

  • Kittlitz industrial park in Lübbenau/Spreewald:
  • Lauchhammer-Süd industrial park in Lauchhammer

Leasing of commercial space or office units:

  • Mittenwalde-Telz industrial park in Mittenwalde

Leasing of office space:

  • In Dresden-Klotzsche near Dresden airport

Your contact person

Do you have questions about the real estate of General Atomics Services Germany or are you interested in renting space? Then please feel free to contact Mr. Sven Voigt.


Sven Voigt


General Atomics Services Germany GmbH

Industrial area Lauchhammer-Süd

  • Location / traffic connection: good connection to freeway A13
  • Total approx. 328 Tm²
  • Development plan available: industrial area, GFZ 0.8
  • Existing development, including administration building (4 full stories); 3 industrial halls, partly with indoor crane
  • Use of partial areas by the company SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH from the General Atomics Europe Group.

Industrial park Kittlitz

  • Location / traffic connection: direct connection to freeway A13, location at freeway junction A13 / A15, triangle Spreewald
  • Total area approx. 40 Tm²
  • Development plan available: Commercial area, GFZ 0.7 or 0.8, GH 12m
  • Use of an area by the analytical laboratory of SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH from the General Atomics Europe Group.

Industrial area Mittenwalde

  • Location / traffic connection: southern Berlin region, good connection to freeway A13, 20 km to airport Berlin / Brandenburg
  • Total area approx. 300 Tm²
  • Land usage plan: Industrial area